Monday, March 14, 2011

Public Records Research facts

Ah, what fun. Sifting through Public Records and statements made on many city issues. What a surprise that the Mayor cannot find her copies of personnel Records that show abuse of benefits and job actions on some of her best employee. It seems that an investigation was recorded (on paper) and submitted to the then Mayor Moak. Some how this did not make the personnel file of the employee, allowing a substantial increase in rate and pay for this employee. Recorded at a Sewer Commission meeting, during regular meeting, the Mayor stated that he could not fire the employee because he had to live in this town and did not know how to respond to relatives when asked why he fired a substandard employee, after the department manager, his deputy and the city engineer recommended that the wishes of the Sewer Commission be up held and this employee terminated.
Hummmmm, politics maybe?

Just hearing that Ms. Holiday was 'hospitalized. That was a best kept secret. Even the Daily Snooze buried that headliner.(but the police department, DPW and Fire Departments made sure we all knew what was really happening in the corner office) Must not have wanted to compete with her newly acquired raises and the promise that the hours were there and she could do them. Reported to Anne Jaques and then on to Portsmouth (which has an excellent cardio repair and stabilization shop, for a check up? I doubt it. Part time hours, a raise and stress. welcome aboard Ms. Mayor. What go's around, comes around, I hope you are well enough to serve the people (or is it the politicians) to the end of your term.

Speaking of the City Budget, I am, look at the legal line item expenditures in all departments for FY 10. Strange spending patterns.Continuing into FY 11. And take a closer look at FY 10 Overtime, especially the DPW. There are a few (and the same names keep popping up repeatedly) that work 26 hours a day. How can the city run without these key people? Not to mention the relatives getting a payroll for not applying for a job and doing the job on one of the higher OT names on the list. No wonder Donna is overworked, to the point of needing specialized care, in Portsmouth yet, and no notice was given to the citizens when she was first diagnosed. I wonder who is going to ask her for a Doctors note to cover the time off? Who would approve such a request? Tom O'Brien? Or would he REMOVE himself due to conflict of interests? His child would report directly to him as the executive officer of the city. You know the one. She had charges filed against every male that ever worked or made contact with her through the banking teller positions to the Water/ Sewer bill service department, including customers. she came with a 'glowing recomendation from her previous employers....hummmm? Has a problem with being  managed, so now she is made a manager....Happens constantly to be stalked by oh so many MEN! Is exempt from the rules that every other city employee is forced to adhere to. It is all in her managers report. Sues the city, looks for injury compensation for an unwitnessed personal accident. But her manager did his job and exposed her intentions  to the insurance investigators, seeing that the file they received did not contain key elements of the actual events.Makes allegations against several male employees and two subcontracted employees that go unsubstantiated and are backed by a call of dismissal from the Sewer Commission in public session at the Newburyport library.

Ya,I would call this a difference in management styles and find it unsurmountable with the political cadres she reports to. You have a seasoned manager taken over the coals by a political hack, and it will cost the city in ways that rob the taxpayers of needed funds, set the city as an insurance risk pool and make barristers rich! Truck Drivers = Associates Degree and Director = GED? Go figure who is doing who in this management and leadership show!

Investigating employee complaints involving a city manager causes termination under this mayor and her "management style", Reporting thefts and violation of public trust of managers also causes the accuser to become the accused under this mayor.
It is no wonder her psychotic moods and with her proven decisions bothering her mind and keeping her up nights and causing health events to become overbearing. It is how a lesser qualified person gets the money train and medicals out of the job for life income and benefits. Hopefully before she loses legal actions filed against her and some of her minions. And avoids the publicity of the several cases she is fending off with the city's money.