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Discovery of pre-Revolutionary War wharf may delay project » Local News », Newburyport, MA

Discovery of pre-Revolutionary War wharf may delay project » Local News », Newburyport, MA
As with most offerings from this administration there are accusations of ‘cover up’ and ‘hiding information’ on this discovery.
But, as I have said in the past, most of the ‘FLASH’ of this Mayor is from ignorance and lack of procedural knowledge, to apply favoritism.
I don’t think this would even be a question if Brendan O’Regan was still leading the DPS. NOW, this will be just another COST to the rate payers, even if it is another loan from another entity, due to ‘management styles’ of a first time Mayor. Add all these misunderstandings u and we are going to pay through higher rates for things that don’t concern Sewer Operations. Will the Sewer Commission or the City exempt Newbury for their costs in this mismanaged department? Will this Mayor rebate costs to ratepayers that have paid in full for many years and now cover those who will not pay? Can she? As this is an enterprise Department run by a commission!

Add this mistake of reporting to the mess at the industrial park when the drains were destroyed due to ignorance and attitude! Causing our own DPW to be put under an ‘order of conditions’ because of substandard leadership. And they are expected to oversee others that are allowed to work in our city.
I think it is time that the Mayor readjust her management style and dismiss these goofs that she puts our safety and taxes into and hire qualified personnel to run the city.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Since the Mayor and the Daily News  want the shock effect of headlines, yet comments are restricted to post comments to the story, I have my own outlet to write my opinions. If one does not like what is posted here, they can comment or just leave and believe everything the Daily Snooze and City Mayor puts out in the public with no chance of correction or rebuttal. As I cannot post on the Daily News site due to the editor blocking my opinions at their site.

As per your moniker,I do not remember 'growing up with you' as I did not grow up here in Newburyport.
It is true that some consider their 'city Jobs as a gravy train and would do ANYTHING to keep working on the doll, you will find a few honest employees that say no to being used or abused. There are a few of us that Will not take the public for a ride or allow others to do so also. That is why we 'Boobs' leave good jobs.
Maybe some 'boobs' cannot work under the pressures of dishonest politicians and their relatives. There are still some employees that are honest to their selves prior to questionable orders from dishonest leaders that have the protection of wrongful actions and procedures in mind. Now the statements on the 'legal' recordings will be made public, as they always were as part of meeting records. Kept on a City Sewer secured Hard Drive.

As the Sewer Commission required (and I believe may still require the recording of their meetings and business) all of their meetings to be taped since prior to 2000. These tapes and electronic records are transcribed to minutes and the minutes are not verbatim. The not so secret recordings are for research only.
But, lets leave the issue for the court room and a jury to hear and decide.

OldeTymeNbptDude Today 08:19 AM
All of the recordings are public records of open meetings. You may ask for them. Some are interdepartmental meetings where many issues were discussed among managers and personnel.
Others were Executive Sessions of commissions and should not have been accessed by even the mayor.
But, when one plays GOD………..with a very personal outcome planned.

Friday, October 8, 2010



Easy math (I hope).

Say a city employee is hired in 2005.

10 years at 1 day per month earnings equals (12 x 1) x 10) or near 120 days in sick benefit days should be a qualification noted as available to an employee that remains recommended for advancement with in their expected field. Good standing makes good employees and is eligible for responsible positions. Along with proper attendance and performance. Ah, but for unions. The CEO choices get mottled along the way. Parents become elected Officials and out side sources take over the process. A few light fibs on the resume and things happen that normally would not pass muster in a real world situation.

Benefits package for new employees are basically 2 weeks vacation 2 personal days (4 max days for some senior members as seniority kicks in).

Vacation is prorated so that the time cannot be taken until a 90 day trial period is met.

We depend upon the " CEO"-Mayor to fairly enforce these benefits to prevent abuse time off and requiring other employees to cover the lost person's time away!

The language referring or restricting the use of these benefits varies from union and department as policies. The City does have basic notifications requirements for reporting and using these benefits.

There is language referring to job bidding and replacement needing to be compared the use (or misuse) of benefit. I hear this implemented all the time with DPS Employees' relating to the mis -use of this benefit.

Having prior knowledge of DPS benefit usage, and other serious employee actions, I am amazed that the open Assistant position is being awarded by the mayor to the employee that is coming before the City Council for approval. But this is the new management style we heard so much about.

I would access the situation taking in mind that the days available to some employees seeking advance should be better than zero and less than maximum earned. AND I would concede the track record of the employee seeking advancement. Has this employee maybe caused employment peer problems or even filed false claims in order to advance their position? These item never go away, even when removed from personnel files. They exist as a matter of record for all to use as a base to judge upon.

I guess that when management styles change, records do too! But other employees passed over on these positions would be happy for the placement of such an up standing person in an even more position of responsibility, wouldn't they! The  city residents and taxpayers will automatically fall in line with the Mayor in forgetting the documented problems on file with this employee. Because she CAN erase the facts and opinions of the truth.As we know the City Council will not question the event!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Veteran Employees

As noted in the majority of my posts, I think that the intently  uneducated leadership being provided to the City of Newburyport at present has caused problems that are un-repairable and will be paid for by the citizens of Newburyport sooner than later.

As a non-veteran, the temporary (?) directors (s) of the newly transformed Department of Public Services have such a low knowledge or training base that I can attest to hearing statements from at least two of these city managers on the need to remove veterans from our payroll due to the need for labor and the cost of paying these veterans when they are away defending our country or training to do their jobs in the military.

Recently, these issues were brought up to our 'CEO' and the discrimination continues from management. Certain employees under the direction of the DPS interim director have complained as to their discomfort at statements made by this manager, argumentative atmosphere and job actions taken against certain employees.

Political connections prevent the control of our representatives and it is snowballing into real problems that will need to be addressed or we as taxpayers will incur the bills for these actions.

The Whistling Kettle (Amesbury) seems to be the choice meeting spot of local leadership, thinking that the public does not hear and see the vocal discrimination's being planned and enacted. Some witnessed such an event recently when the interim director went after a city employee that is injured and unfortunately was having a meal at the establishment The Attorney General would only need to record a 'public' conversation of these 'meetings' to challenge and eliminate such illegal activities by Politicians. But they cannot find a case when ten employees report abuses of the same managers this past April. Go figure why there is no trust in our government.

These actions are never seen or heard by the public under the disguise of 'management rights' and 'contractual obligations'. None of which I am contracted to anymore. I find the statements from our  city representatives to be beyond disgusting and even libelous. ESPECIALLY when it concerns violating the protected rights of our military employees.

Any reasonable person also has some knowledge that engaging in questioning an employee (s) on personal medical questions is a very large 'No-no' when it comes to protecting the city and the manager. Why do I hear that it is a regular and ongoing subject under this administration?
 HIPPA trained? ADDA trained? It  looks  like we taxpayers are not protected from our own  managers actions.

Why have several long term employees made a decision to leave the security of longevity of public employment under this administration? The public will never hear the real reasons. Some politicians are truly surprised when an employee will chose honesty over requested questionable work ethics forced upon them. Why would educated employees leave city employment when confronted with such terms?

Where else can a High School Graduate land a $80k + job and never need to return to school to better their position? Public Service! Where you pat someone on the ass and actually get a raise!

Next stop old history of Manchester Ma. and a dismissal from the police department, many years ago.

And coming up, the Erotic Donut show and why it would be criminal today!

The Boston Housing Authority and some proven actions that can get you fired from a public doll job.

Manchester MA police position? Do they actually have policies that are enforceable? Look like they do!

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

CEO's go figure!

Well, I now know it's not just me, its most that I associate with.

Knowing several CEO's of varying measure has its merits.

I was told that a Chief Executive Officer would be fired by their board if they acted in a manner that put the company at risk. Unsolicited advice that came my way this week. Imagine that! Who could fire a Mayor? The City Council? Recall would be the only measure of evaluating or recourse in terminating an elected official and the time involved to implement such actions would exceed the present life span of Mayors in Newburyport.

Would getting caught at willful / unlawful actions qualify a politician to be recalled? It didn't happen to 'Bossy' so I have my doubts about such a local movement. But 'disbarred' would be a better avenue for observed behavior of a member of the bar (legal that is) if someone was witness to such behavior. Exempt? Nutaah!

Such is politics and some is expected. After all what qualifications does one need to be an elected official, except votes. And how does one acquire votes? Political promises.

I question how many AFSCME members have problems with our temporary DPS Director and have openly hired members of the bar to defend complaints of management of the city? I count six. How many previous managers have been the moving force to employ as many members of the bar in this state? We are good for the economy after all? One union employee clocked more than his basic weekly wage in overtime and no 'emergency' has been recorded to support such needs. That questions the basic amounts we pay some of our help and constitutes a gift to one union employee and not others. May be the reason there are so many employees that will not take the climb up the stairs and communicate with this interim director. Favoritism and nepotism. Who's watching? Not the ones expected to protect the taxpayers.

Another question! How many DPS employees have a higher education than their managers? Does the knowledge factor create uncomfortable situations in employment? Maybe a little envy. Enough to falsify records or protect ones own position by discriminating actions? Or false reporting? Past agreements to hire and train qualified employees and move past the demeanor of the classic unemployable city workers has been reverted to hiring unlicensed and unqualified help, sending the educated and professional labor pool back decades to provide the stipends this management style needs pay out for support. And the public records show the process. Results of studies of available man-hours and good management tracking have been abandoned and personal observations of managers are replaced in the efforts to record the actual value of the city's investment in labor. I would guess the education factor does have a cost. $854,122.04 in projected DPW Labor for fiscal 2011 and $54,808.00 approved overtime budget. Several DPW (listed as HW in the budget) have gone unfilled for a few years now, but the spending matches a full complement of employees available. How so? We have yet to see any city emergency that would explain the need for such expense and would expect to see savings from the 'unfilled' positions, right? Let's see! A quick look at the payroll spread sheet should support a savings trend. I'm sure there are no temporary employees performing in positions that are reported as unfilled and needing overtime to complete, right? Ok, enough! Some people can count. Call the City Auditor, Mr. Bill Squillace and see for yourself. Confirm the savings and management reporting of your investments as you have a right to do. See who's making the money and who's not!

LAMO, government at it's best!