Friday, March 23, 2012

IRRESPONSIBLE! Even for the Daily Snooze.

An admission of guilt? Forced at best.

Crime hides in media. Not nessarily just in the print!
Read it here.....

Why should the general public trust in this public reporting agency when this behavior has gone on continually for years? How many slanted reports containing narrow politically charged reporting of stories printed that have affected many lives due to the poor judgment of the City Editor in actually changing the base stories not only to fit the allotted space, but to control the outcome of the story. This is criminal and the editor should be held responsible for not only this instance, but every story presented to the public that he 'approved' by changing the composition to lead his views to the public consumption.

The family of newspapers should act to protect the public and remove the offending personnel to avoid mass legal actions. Persons have and will continue to be slandered by omission of the act of rewriting stories that in effect misreport the truth. And isn't the truth the back bone of the service?

Just saying....The Editors and their staff has slipped away for years, now SOMETHING had to take place for the Daily Snooze to print a retraction not buried in the legal notices in 5 pica print!

Makes me wonder if the non reporting of the Newbury's Port City's Finance troubles are also 'rewritten"? We expect this from politicians, those we can vote in or out. Editors are hired, now we see what a political agenda does for a failing newspaper that refused to see the writing on the wall years ago. 75 cents worth of an editors opinion that is bad journalism at its best.It is called 'steering' and it is not trustworthy reporting.

What comes around....goes around.....just not fast enough for me!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too Quiet?

I was recently asked if I was ever going to begin posting again.
With things going so well in Newburyport under Holiday's direction, why would comments be helpful?
The Daily snooze has things pretty well covered. Not many issues printed that encourage a non colaborative view to be aired. Even the Disques members seem to be under Marshal Control!
There have been many changes in the way things are done (or not done, as the case may be) and the general public does not want to know the results of the new management pratices or the costs of the methods used to make it look like it is working.
Like many before her, the damage will not be known until after it is unreversable.
Maybe soner than expected, there will be an expose' on the ugly truth that the new Newbury's Port shakers and movers will be ashamed to see in print that may show that county hacks are alive and well in Newburyport!

Monday, August 1, 2011


To know the dangers and face them full on are expected of a firefighter. To lose your life in the preformance of your duties is so sad. Our condolences to the families of this fallen firefighter and the community he served so well for so long.

Dan Sweeney and family.