Saturday, February 26, 2011


Bad year all around for city services and taxpayers. I've never seen worse service on plowing
streets in 30 years. Must be a management style of using prisoners to clear the
roads and pathways of snow.
The West End is still hard to maneuver through due to the roads crumbling and the corners still piled
so high that you cannot see to enter traffic. No way to walk anywhere from the West End. Even Orange, Lime Street and Horton Street were still single lane when I recently visited them.

Valuations down and taxes (fees) still on the rise, still. no split tax for businesses, yet the services provided are not equal.

Spending still uncontrolled. Some Massachusetts communities sending out layoff
notices just to cover their Arses with Unions and upcoming budgets. Wonder what
Newburyport is going to do? More taxes for less services, but we still cannot control the investments
into selective programs/ projects that do very little for the common taxpayer except make the political crowd look good for trying to hold the city lines on spending without cutting their own special needs programs that keep their wards coming out to vote for them. Unfortunately the majority of Newburyport voters can’t be forced to take the time to see what our representatives in city government are doing with the budget until they raise the taxes to cover their tracks.

I think term limits would be a wonderful thing to break the cycle of government
servicing the public as a whole. But I hear that my opinion doesn't count.