Monday, August 1, 2011


To know the dangers and face them full on are expected of a firefighter. To lose your life in the preformance of your duties is so sad. Our condolences to the families of this fallen firefighter and the community he served so well for so long.

Dan Sweeney and family.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just DO IT! With no regard to laws or proceedures......

And yet again the uneducated managers of Newburyport charge forward attempting to just get something done. Not knowing the cost of being ignorant. But in there defense, the ignorance of there leader is what causes these infractions.
I say yet again because over the past almost two years the DPS 'Manager' (now director due to his comparable management style to the CEO) Furnari, has been censured by this and other boards for not being fully aware that the Mayor is not the ultimate leader and is NOT all knowing in her management style. There was an instance where the DPW tore into the swales at the industrial park, causing extreme amounts of damage to the environments. Called before the council and Con Com, Mr. Furnari threw his DPW workers under the bus to save his own skin and hid the fact that he alone ordered the hit on the swales (on private property yet) without checking with regulatory boards. Because he is POLITICAL.......not PROFESSIONAL.

I can see all assistance from State and Federal Government coming to a halt, interest rates on loans not qualifying Newburyport and other agencies keeping their distance (due to the political decisions that are being made by un educated and inexperienced) 'managers' yet again) due to these infractions and leadership decisions. Boards and commissions are in place to oversee these actions, not managers, CEOs and elected officials. These are not local laws being tossed about and have little recognition or effect by local politics. Lets just hire the recent publicized rejects from West Newbury, Salisbury and Amesbury and call it a day. There seems to be little thought being placed before 'Action' that requires votes, that require the keeping of a CEO position that has brought us cost after cost in Newburyport.

Taking time to comment on the Daily News site, I find that they also do not want to report on the truth in these matters. Either they are lazy or they also do not want statements of fact to become public knowledge that would help the taxpayers become aware of the issues that could help the public interact with the city and remove unqualified personnel from these positions. After all, if you don't know, how can you decide!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

RECIEPTS, Why it can be beneficial to keep them.

This is a receipt.
I have been audited and know this first hand. Store them if you don't have room to, because sooner than later the Al Capone syndrome comes around.

It is good to keep them, even if you need to turn them in for reimbursment. But they are not yours after you turn them in for reimbursment, to reuse, or are they? I still have one from when I paid a bill to Demoulas Market for the food ordered by a past Mayor to feed people he had on Plum Island Beach during a declaired emergency. Seems the manager at Demoulas did not think the food ordered by a mayor was free for the asking. So I came forth and paid the bill out of my pocket. Kept the reciept and waited a LONG time before the mayor reimbursed me for the expendature. See, the IRS needs to know weather or not I was reimbursed for the claim. And they knew it. Well, now there is a need for $7,000 worth of reciepts for money claimed by a city manager as spent. Problem is that the city auditor cannot find reciepts for the expendatures, yet. They may show up in another form when push comes to shove, or can they?

It seems that over $7,000.00 worth of them are in question from the Department of Public Service in Newburyport. Along with reciepts for cash meals served up there to feed county prisoners. Does the county rreport excess food when prisoners are fed by other means? How does that work? Do the workers there just take the excess home? How would that be tracable? close does one need to be for fall out?

So what do these have to do with declared city property and how can they be sold without city knowledge? Lets ask the Mayor?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Five weeks since the Mayor has been roasted in the Daily Snooze! There was a sudden stop to all reported activities by the Mayor after the parking fiasco hit the paper, then, WAM, nothing. Cold turkey on amusement.
You don't read about the follies at Shitty Hall because the Daily News refuses to cover them. Why? Only they know. My guess is that the city must be taking care of the Daily News, so they don't publish so stories on just what Cruella is up to!
Like the more recent flub up in treasury that produced overdrafts for most city employees that did not get their pay deposited over the 4th of July holiday.....must be the lazy work of the treasurers office that this mayor was warned about when she advanced the most lazy, but politically connected teller that was forced to leave private banking due to the need to break every rule employees are required to maintain? Nice to have a cover in council to not only keep your job (when your boss and oversight committees requested termination, but the then mayor did not have the testicular fortitude to accomplish the task) or the skills to keep your position, forcing your coworkers to do your job while you talked on the phone to relatives. So sorry that your past manager forced you to work and got fired for his efforts!
Things don't go unnoticed in Newburyport, at least when city employees stop screwing the public and turn upon each other like scavengers. With an election coming up, the filters on leaks are tight at the brick out house, but there are always stories from disgruntled employees. Seems that the demanded support from the present Mayor is costing city taxpayers a bundle. Several employees advanced by this Mayor, without the qualifications or education demanded by their advertised position are running scared of Donna loosing the election. What happens when a real manager catches up with the games she played with placing non degree holding managers into positions that demand advanced educations? Will a new Mayor stand for this risk that may cost Newburyport $$$ in losses and recovery of funds that may be questioned in court? I would hope so. After all, management style does not precede lack of oversight when one knows that a under qualified employee can set the city's risk at higher levels.
City council passed an inflated budget, not rendering even their own suggestions on overspending and cut backs as usual. Mr. Jones has not made a peep about his favorite dog ( the take home vehicles) and has joined the Mayor in their ‘chicken-little’ portrayal of ‘spend now, because it will cost more later’ show. As if taxpayers are not well versed on this well worn essay by now. Isn’t Mr. Jones a ‘paid consultant’ in his own field? Didn’t he smooze his ‘Cancer Center’ into existence recently? Wonder what’s next to line his pockets? A piece of the New Schools Action? Anything to get him to step down and back would be acceptable. Even presenting a challenged Director to replace an educated Director that Mr. Jones found to be in his way on political issues? A blessing that he has such a wonderful wife.
Speaking on under qualified personnel, has the city checked up on claims of higher education that it’s employees are claiming? I think not as the process to elevate income and lessen responsibility has continued through out this mayor’s term. A list of city employees reads like a Tammany Hall roster from Boston Southie’s past. A wonder that relatives find employment so easily in Newburyport.

I would like to see the expenditure sheets created by the MUNIS accounting software published on the City Web Site on a monthly base. If the Council cannot read these reports and see where certain managers and mayors are fluffing the expenses, at least the taxpayers could see the expenses and comment before the ink dries and the money is truly a lost investment. Just look at the DPW's history of expenses since O'Regan left and Furnari took over. A merger of Water/ Sewer (not a tax but a user fee charge for several communities under the city’s oversight) and the tax funded Department of public works (DPW) are mired by the mismanagement of these funds and the lack of proper oversight of the hand picked commissions (whom of some you may find on the unpublished water/ sewer bill publication that has not been seen recently).Compare line items trends for vehicle maintenance for instance. A five year history of spread sheets are readily available and easily published, but there will be some foot dragging and political maneuvering if the AG passes a request for all communities to publish electronic records for all to see. Newburyport may even need a real educated Auditor to feed the information to the taxpayers. Oh, didn’t know that Newburyport qualifications do not include a CPA for it's Auditor position? Well, Mayors know and have known along with councilors (another source of non income for the rate payers?).......Water and Sewer Commissioners for the past several years have requested an audit of the books and expenses and have gone ignored by the Mayors and the Auditor....and the publication of those who do not pay their water/ sewer bills by the Treasurer’s office (by-law) has not been met for several Mayors now. But your bill increases by the lost amount of collections and gifts from politicians to those who know how to avoid the public eye! Some surprising names would be on that list, unless the list was cultivated prior to release.

Found across from the Mayor's office in the $500,000 dollar park. Don't step in it, you may be fined!

Monday, May 23, 2011


So the Queen Mayor now has a name for her ghost that will keep her awake most nights! Welcome aboard missy! You mever will really make peace with them, just tolorate them as best as you can.

Whether or not the decision to hardball your personal opinions in deliberations had a direct effect on the death of this man or not you will always carry the guilt of your part in this issue. Your public actions, criminal entent or not as they may be, may have played a part on Mr. Soucy's demise, as you never thought about the events of your personal needs to WIN put him in the public spotlight with your actions, inactions and need to prove just how much smarter you are than us all!

You will relive the facts over and over again and again, until even you, the rightous queen of law and facts, are unsure if it is the pot effects catching up after all these years or just your loud mouth that has finally proven that you are an irreresponcable person pretending to have control of your life, while not seeing the destruction you have left in your path!

I will watch for you walking it off with the rest of us sinners in the wee hours, when we try to make amends with our own ghosts and decisions. LAMO

At any outcome, you have exposed the City and Taxpayers to the reality that you do mot exibit a care for the safety of the people over your lack of financial management abilities or
Rrealization of the costs of a law suit over your bringing this issue to a very public venue.
You may remember him from Shitty Hall, or not, as you try to excape this memory. I WILL!
It is loads of fun, until someone dies!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


An attorney's view of managing a city. This is what we get folks, when you let the fox into the hen house. Bluffing. Now not only with our financial stability, but possibly with our lives. It is not a far reach for this non-practiced lawyer to violate contracts and ignore past practices that are conformed as legal, just to test the waters. The political waters that is.

As I read the comments in the Daily Snooze (I am still 'Banned' from Public comments there, with no explanation as to why, so I firmly believe this a political move to silence my knowledge of the operations of behind the scenes policies) I am forced to admit the rampid stupidity that encompasses the Newburyport taxpayers. Not many commenter's have a clue as to the financial operations of a city the size of Newburyport, and still worse, none have the audacity to follow their own political system through a budget process. yet everyone is a champion of this type of arm chair leadership we so badly choose to house our village institution with.

A POLITICIAN is required to amass voted to achieve office, to retain office and to maintain funding on a personal level. Also there are the many asses to be kissed to assure survival after the lottery of political position falters on their payments after election ballots are counted, one can move on to the larger ass kissing of State or Federal positioning. Never is there any commitment to protect the taxpayer, just your most favored field of voters. Where a pol may garnish the most for their efforts. Simple!

Comments about the Fire Chief having a budget and keeping spending with in that frame are amusing. Having presented budgets along side of every city manager, I find this simplified logic to be insulting, and dangerous. The public not knowing the contract that any MAYOR has promised and accepted, cannot be budgeted comparable to a business. No CEO that plays political favors can predict the costs of these favors to a set budget. Thats why we have 'transfers' during the budget year to cover the loss of memory of Mayors (CEO's) to their budget approvals to council for the Fiscal year and beyond. The City Managers do not direct any department under the management style of Mayors (like this CEO) and cannot make even professional decisions when over ridden by political needs of a public office holder that needs votes to survive.

A line in the commemoration oath taken by our city Mayor (not CEO) states that he/she will not commit a crime of violating any agreement that a previous Mayor has signed into agreement. This Mayor has no conscience when it comes to 'Bluffing' her way into cutting services to support pet projects, as she bluffed her way through city council. Let the taxpayers be damned for the choices we set in motion by accepting an attorney as a leader. Unknowing and uncaring as to the persons as the written law is tested by her need to 'Bluff' a falsetto of management ability over wise decisions. We will learn more each and every day she remains in office of the costs of choosing her to lead.

The deals she makes to not replace employees are not the fault of any city employee facing such decisions as to cash in on benefits earned in good faith and bargained in good faith by real leaders and approved by our elected council into law.

What ever happened to all the Grant Money she has experience in compiling showing up in our bottom line budgets? Or was that a Bluff too? She knows contracts, enough to bluff her way into a suit that we will pay for in the arguments of both sides of the issues. Union busting issues cost as much as acting in bad faith when it comes to legalities. Her choice, our cost!

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Old News.

It seems that a Newburyport City Councillor did not see this the first time I posted it. So here it is, a copy of an e-mail I sent to Herzog in October in answer to a question as to why the Daily Snooze has banned me from commenting on their site. Will Courtny was in to this up to his elbows, in July, prior to his sudden departure and never gave me an answer to my charges of discrimination of the Daily News team.

Started here!

Sent: Monday, July 26, 2010 1:05 PM

Subject: Fw: [Fwd: Web Submission: News tip]

Hi Dan,
We're going to bounce some of this off the mayor this afternoon and follow up with you.

Will Courtney
Managing Editor
The Daily News of Newburyport
ph: 978.462.6666 xt. 3229
fax: 978.465.8505
----- Forwarded by Will Courtney/ET1 on 07/26/2010 01:04 PM -----

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------

Subject: Web Submission: News tip
From:    "Dan Sweeney" <>
Date:    Mon, July 26, 2010 8:14 am

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by
Dan Sweeney ( on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 08:14:17

topic: DPS 'Mess'

article: 'DPS Mess' as reported by Katie Farrell
Lovett on July 15, 2010. The Headline
should have been  "City messes up Low
Street Legal Challenge".

It appears that the Newburyport City
Council is unaware as to the legal
process of paying enterprise bills and
the City Auditor, Bill Squillace, failed
to inform the Council fully of the due
process of paying these bills. The person
that the Mayor chose to temporarily
replace Brendan O'Regan on the Sewer
Department side of the DPS, Jamie Tuccolo
spoke at the July 12, City Council
meeting not knowing his presentation
materials nor the reasons that the legal
bills were invoiced and were not paid.
Several misquotes in his presentation to
the council and his follow up to the
Sewer Commission on the 22nd of July are
proof of the demise of the financial
security of the Newburyport Sewer
Department. This may be the intent of
this Mayor by allowing untrained and
uneducated personnel to manage these tri
departments.After all, the Water and
Sewer Departments (and Harbor) are the
only solvent departments the city has.
There are actually millions of dollars at
stake here, if the Mayor can control the
commissions and managers of these
enterprise departments, she can balance
her city budget on the backs of the
ratepayers from two communities.

Acting Assistant Deputy Director, Mr.
Tuccolo reported to the City Council that
legal bills were "swept under the rug"
and "were not presented to the Sewer
Commission for payment". These are only
two mis-statements and false statements
made to the City Council on July 22nd
2010. He also stated to the sewer
Commission that he 'does not remember
saying that these bills were 'swept under
the rug', accusing his previous boss and
the sewer commissioners of negligence.

As a Collection System foreman, Mr.
Tuccolo has no prior training in
municipal finances, nor in personnel
management. He has no degrees and was
hired to a position that clearly stated
the need for a minimal degree. He does
have the ear of a first time Mayor and an
otherwise unemployable acting deputy
director, looking to secure a longer
contract than all his previous
employments combined. Both would not be
in leadership positions if their
education was a factor. And both would
have much lesser incomes today.

The process of paying bills by enterprise
departments has always been processed the
following way;

All Department bills are presented to the
Director (an exception with legal bills
in that they are first sent to the Mayors
office at City Hall, copied by the
executive assistant to the Mayor and then
forwarded to the department for payment)
verified as a proper department
expenditure and then placed upon a
warrant before being presented to the
Sewer Commission for signatures and
returned to the Auditor for payment
processing. No invoices are paid out of
departmental funds without the proper
signatures of the commission. Or at least
under good accounting practices should
not for legal reasons.

A little reminder of the city budgetary
process. The Department heads create the
needed budget and first submit their
request to their commission. The
Commission either adds or subtracts from
this presentation and forwards the budget
request to the Mayor. The Mayor makes
recommendations to the presented budget
and submits the budget to the City
Council. The City Council affirms or
adjusts the presented budget for the next
fiscal year. So all expenditures are
approved by a process ending with our
elected council overseeing the budgets.
And they discuss each expenditure line by
line. Including the expected legal line
items. Following so far? When unexpected
bills or vouchers are presented, the
account becomes expended. When this
happens a request must be made by the
commission to the Mayor and Auditor for
them to file for a transfer of funds,
either from another line item or from
excess reserves to pay these over and
above expenses. A strong explanation of
the need is required and the presentation
usually is sponsored by a councilor who
has researched the issue and can stand
and explain the request. This is the
oversight and balance procedure.

Now, is it just me, or does one see
several failures to this system? First
off, the Mayor(s) had possession of the
bills. Secondly, the Sewer Commission
knew of the legal bills from the Low
Street Sewer Challenge, because they
needed to get permission from the Mayor
to hire a second legal firm to decide the
direction to take after the Judge awarded
damages to the plaintiffs. To be paid
from monies not expected when the FY10
City Budget was approved. Or, to be paid
from the loan or betterment changed?

It is my opinion that 'somebody' is
attempting to cover their tracks at the
expense of others. I think the Daily News
did not do their research well enough to
tell the public how bad things are at the
DPS since the recent changes were made in
MAY, two full months before the fiscal
year and money ran out of the sewer legal
line item.

I would think that the ratepayers in both
Newbury and Newburyport would like to
know this information, after all the
Sewer Commission represents all the
ratepayers that use the sewer services.
The safety of their utility services may
be compromised should this process of hit
and run management continues . My guess
is that the Newburyport Daily News does
not want to let their readers know that
something is wrong in their reporting and

Dan Sweeney

13 Drew Street

Newburyport, MA 01950

Tax and Ratepayer

(after he (Courtney)'bounced this off the Mayor' (Holaday) I never heard from him again)Controled discrimination? just as her Loyal Employees are willing to perjure themseves to save their jobs at their own expense? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

And NOW, there are questions of accounting for monies at the ever hungry School Department Budget, not yet agreed upon nor collected. NOT a way to run our finances!!! her Highness 'Wishes' a budget into existance with our funds, Both Tax and Utility......I wish I could run my business that way. Spend then send out bills! And questions at the 'New Sewer Plant' on expendatures. It is catching up, fast, with this Mayor. Costs to be paid by the Ratepayers and Tax rate for 'wishes'.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

'F' BOMBS....... unbelievably believable!
Just heard the storey of 'F' Bombs being laid by the Mayor in public places in City Hall. It is being repeated that a Union Leader was admonished, in public by the Mayor and redressed in an un acceptable fashon in front of witnesses. and that that department manager was so upset that he had to crawl to the Mayors cave and make it known that her actions were unacceptable. Thank goodness that her (or our?) employees are afraid enough of her to not press charges for this action (at least some of them anyway). But it just goes to show that a CEO of this caliber is not needed in muncipal government, representing us or is it just over educated princesses that get frustrated and lower the standards to such out bursts, expecting them to be overlooked? I wasn't there, but I have heard my share of her outbursts, personaly, to know that the only way to piss her off that bad is to not recognise her 'wishes' ( as opposed to laws and procedures of policy anyway) and do what is right and legal to protect yourself.

Thank goodness it was another female she was demeaning in public. After all, it would not look good to be sued by an employee for sexual harassment and discrimination by a male employee, or would it? Knowing that attorney and CEO privileges do not  allow such treatment by managers, why would the city stand for this conduct? Because SHE IS the City, at least in her mind anyway.

The public will get to see her more and more of these moments of loss of control, being the 'Ma Dona' she privately projects to employees demands that "HER employees" remain afraid of her, as the things she so commands catch up with her. The mis-accounting of the $300k school budget and representing the DPS as the City Budget and not a rate payer supported commotity is just the beginning of the string unraveling in her palace.There are plenty more pots boiling and festering just awaiting to boil over on her watch. LAMO!

Profanity (public or private) is just as bad as semi pornographic, isn't it Ms. Dona? Or has the Mayor investigated the e-mails of a few of her promoted managers and boy toys too? These are accessible public records (even without her permission). ;o>

Lets hope the scuttle butt is not as true as I hope it to be!

Monday, April 11, 2011



From the Newburyport Daily (political  advertizment) News;

· April 11, 2011

Port schools face staff cuts next year

· NEWBURYPORT — To plug an anticipated $600,000-$900,000 shortfall next year, school officials are planning to cut between 8.8 to 15 positions across the district. They range from the high school dean position to special education teachers, right down to kindergarten and elementary classroom teachers.

· But after laying out a plan to restore the schools to pre-2007 program levels, making cuts is not what Superintendent Marc Kerble wants to do. He'd rather the community rally behind the schools and support a Proposition 2 1/2 override — a property tax increase — and that's what he plans to tell the School Committee and residents tomorrow in Room #118 at Newburyport High School at 6:30 p.m.

· How ironic. The same problems exist, namely money, but a different face pushing yet another over ride attempt. Bringing the school program BACK four years will cost almost a million dollars? And then will it work? It did not four years ago, why now? Economics are not being taught or praticed in our schools, politics are though. They are PLANNING a shortfall for next year. That folks is illegal! after all we are not talking Snow Removal!

· For the ‘children’ is still the mantra. But who gets the cash? The children? They are not even getting the education in subjects they will need in their future! A new Mayor, and a new Superintendent and the same broken system. A one sheet song, Gimme More and more and politics will give you the right to do it all over again next year and next.
· How about paid parking at the High School and Paid Admission to the Stadium for free running dogs? At least the fertilizer would be free!
Sounds like a real Holiday wish! Just click your heels three times Dorothy………..and Mr. Kerble should expand his ‘community contacts’ to include community members that cannot afford to cough up more money to a promise of fixing something that runs on pure money anyway.
When is this Mayor's 'Management Style' going to place a non educated director in this Superintendent position to save money and use common sense in it's management just like she is doing with the DPS and Board/ Commission placements? After it's her Method Of Operation, isn't it? Look at how many positions she has created, and the cost, to run the city now. Less is more? More or less!

Let's look at the line items cost over the past several years. Especially labor and overtime. Increases the basic pay scale of what was approved by council when presented. Now let’s look at the political hirees., a correlation to spending patterns? U Bet! Even a relationship with astronomical attorney fees! Got to take care of fellow lawyers.

Speaking of the 'Community Rallying behind the Schools', just who does this collagen think has been paying the freight for the schools during their trial and fail era? The same people who cannot afford to pay their mortgages due to the exasperated needs of the Politian’s who misguidedly have backed programs that have left Newburyport in the path of some substantial capital improvement costs over maintaining our infrastructure and investment. Poll the 25 people who came out for this Mayors community meeting last month. Great community involvement and/ or interest in the items projected by Dona! Parking, Dog Poop, Free Water and Sewer for the wishes of Dona! Now, her presentation of yet another over ride attempt! Good grief! What an education will not get you these days!

You would be reading this in the Daily Snooze, but they block my posting of comments. An agreement with the Mayor or something like that I'm told! As an ex' city hall insider, they call my opinions and observations SLANDER.....go figure!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


The and more I am seeing of the balance sheets of the City of Newburyport , I am finding the process of mismanagement and the path to over spending behind the scenes emerging more so than usual. How about a public internal audit? Soon?

newburyportwwtf New plant updated information.

2008 report on $125.00 expected increase in ewer Bills Old news, new is what $350.00? Is that with drainage system set for waterfront properties? less than 10% will see benefit on the dollars 7000 will be charged. More uncounted expenses overseen by a GED Director and a diminished Sewer Commission. the Financial leadership of the Sewer Commission, Melanie Hession and Kate Muray were dismissed by the management style of the Mayor.

For years the Water and Sewer Commissions have set rates that provide for the operations of the Water and Sewer Departments service. By Law the commissions are nonpolitical (or where until the Wicked Witch of the West took over). I see now why she needed Brendan O'Regan dismissed along with his administrative assistant (me).

How about the Mayor publicizing the list of non utility payers? Lets see some of the high and mighty elected officals, commission members and friends of the system that have had over due utility bills for years now. It is the law and is being avoided by this administration.

Going over city line item expenditures for FY 10 and the present FY 11 and I find that the Ratepayers are funding Newburyport Drainage issues, with funds allocated by ratepayers outside of Newburyport! How fair is that to the Sewer and Water users in Newbury? Thanks Mayor, now I see the light. Newburyport cannot support Social Services on the tax base alone, and a new drainage order from our own good Uncle Sam, so movement to change the way these commissions operate and oversee is before the Newburyport City Council. Letting the shortfalls in the Water and Sewer Departments be covered by raising the rates and not the taxes. Gone are the days that the Sewer and Water Commissioners sought to protect the Public Health by assuring that politics did not get in the way of the financial needs of providing the services. Now your Utility Bills will compete with which ever program the elected Mayor and Council deems as needy (paid parking for special interests, doggie parks becoming the need for kitty parks and then more Kiddy parks, . With the New construction and updating of the Water and Sewer systems bring gigantic increases in rates, count on it, and no educated managers overseeing the rate (er.. Tax) payers interests anyway. Counting on Tony to comprehend the financial needs of the city with his GED from Mass Ed is a stretch of even Dona’s management style. And the Goofs she p[laced in management positions at a cost of who knows how much is embarrassing enough. One from Haverhill that does not have the education that was advertized for his old drain system manager position and the other that was hired on the old nepotism system sets Newburyport back dozens of years in the evolutionary chain from the old days when a relative who could not find work anywhere else ended up on the city books. Like a few of the close relatives employed now. So who will notice a few bucks off the top for non Water and Sewer issues. Certainly not the ratepayers from Newbury. Who is going to represent them? Who would not doubt that these employees would lie and cheat to retain positions that they could not keep if an honest manager caught up with them? What kick backs will go to Newbury’s drainage needs or other give away programs they might not need?

Bend over and grab your ankles, again, when O'Brien and Holaday pass this one on to your rates the rest of the council will follow along, blindly as usual. Each seeing the positive cash flow as necessary.

With no one watching the spending, the DPW has become rich enough to pay uneducated managers enough to use pencils in accounting for your money since O'Regan has been gone. No more monthly reports to the commissions, only to the Mayor and Auditor!

See you in court..........soon.

An embarrassing turn out at a Boston Labor meeting last week may send Dona back to Portsmouth sooner than she expects. What will she do when she will need to explain her mis-actions publically to the voters. Her hate has no place to vent, and doesn’t belong in Newburyport anyway. More meetings are planned, I hope she is up to the challenge, physically and mentally so we don’t lose even more tax dollars to settlements that should not have had the opportunity to grow into law suits under good solid management practices that were in place for years. One by one her minions are giving her up to rid their minds of involvement and loss of supporting her ‘likes’.

Do the Taxpayers or the Rate payers of Newburyport really want politics’ directing their sanitary systems operations? I think not! It will take an act of the State to enact, so let your representatives in ouncil and State know of your concerns before Dona is seeaking yet another turmoil term. Soon, because it is being ramrodded through City Council as I write.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Public Records Research facts

Ah, what fun. Sifting through Public Records and statements made on many city issues. What a surprise that the Mayor cannot find her copies of personnel Records that show abuse of benefits and job actions on some of her best employee. It seems that an investigation was recorded (on paper) and submitted to the then Mayor Moak. Some how this did not make the personnel file of the employee, allowing a substantial increase in rate and pay for this employee. Recorded at a Sewer Commission meeting, during regular meeting, the Mayor stated that he could not fire the employee because he had to live in this town and did not know how to respond to relatives when asked why he fired a substandard employee, after the department manager, his deputy and the city engineer recommended that the wishes of the Sewer Commission be up held and this employee terminated.
Hummmmm, politics maybe?

Just hearing that Ms. Holiday was 'hospitalized. That was a best kept secret. Even the Daily Snooze buried that headliner.(but the police department, DPW and Fire Departments made sure we all knew what was really happening in the corner office) Must not have wanted to compete with her newly acquired raises and the promise that the hours were there and she could do them. Reported to Anne Jaques and then on to Portsmouth (which has an excellent cardio repair and stabilization shop, for a check up? I doubt it. Part time hours, a raise and stress. welcome aboard Ms. Mayor. What go's around, comes around, I hope you are well enough to serve the people (or is it the politicians) to the end of your term.

Speaking of the City Budget, I am, look at the legal line item expenditures in all departments for FY 10. Strange spending patterns.Continuing into FY 11. And take a closer look at FY 10 Overtime, especially the DPW. There are a few (and the same names keep popping up repeatedly) that work 26 hours a day. How can the city run without these key people? Not to mention the relatives getting a payroll for not applying for a job and doing the job on one of the higher OT names on the list. No wonder Donna is overworked, to the point of needing specialized care, in Portsmouth yet, and no notice was given to the citizens when she was first diagnosed. I wonder who is going to ask her for a Doctors note to cover the time off? Who would approve such a request? Tom O'Brien? Or would he REMOVE himself due to conflict of interests? His child would report directly to him as the executive officer of the city. You know the one. She had charges filed against every male that ever worked or made contact with her through the banking teller positions to the Water/ Sewer bill service department, including customers. she came with a 'glowing recomendation from her previous employers....hummmm? Has a problem with being  managed, so now she is made a manager....Happens constantly to be stalked by oh so many MEN! Is exempt from the rules that every other city employee is forced to adhere to. It is all in her managers report. Sues the city, looks for injury compensation for an unwitnessed personal accident. But her manager did his job and exposed her intentions  to the insurance investigators, seeing that the file they received did not contain key elements of the actual events.Makes allegations against several male employees and two subcontracted employees that go unsubstantiated and are backed by a call of dismissal from the Sewer Commission in public session at the Newburyport library.

Ya,I would call this a difference in management styles and find it unsurmountable with the political cadres she reports to. You have a seasoned manager taken over the coals by a political hack, and it will cost the city in ways that rob the taxpayers of needed funds, set the city as an insurance risk pool and make barristers rich! Truck Drivers = Associates Degree and Director = GED? Go figure who is doing who in this management and leadership show!

Investigating employee complaints involving a city manager causes termination under this mayor and her "management style", Reporting thefts and violation of public trust of managers also causes the accuser to become the accused under this mayor.
It is no wonder her psychotic moods and with her proven decisions bothering her mind and keeping her up nights and causing health events to become overbearing. It is how a lesser qualified person gets the money train and medicals out of the job for life income and benefits. Hopefully before she loses legal actions filed against her and some of her minions. And avoids the publicity of the several cases she is fending off with the city's money.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Bad year all around for city services and taxpayers. I've never seen worse service on plowing
streets in 30 years. Must be a management style of using prisoners to clear the
roads and pathways of snow.
The West End is still hard to maneuver through due to the roads crumbling and the corners still piled
so high that you cannot see to enter traffic. No way to walk anywhere from the West End. Even Orange, Lime Street and Horton Street were still single lane when I recently visited them.

Valuations down and taxes (fees) still on the rise, still. no split tax for businesses, yet the services provided are not equal.

Spending still uncontrolled. Some Massachusetts communities sending out layoff
notices just to cover their Arses with Unions and upcoming budgets. Wonder what
Newburyport is going to do? More taxes for less services, but we still cannot control the investments
into selective programs/ projects that do very little for the common taxpayer except make the political crowd look good for trying to hold the city lines on spending without cutting their own special needs programs that keep their wards coming out to vote for them. Unfortunately the majority of Newburyport voters can’t be forced to take the time to see what our representatives in city government are doing with the budget until they raise the taxes to cover their tracks.

I think term limits would be a wonderful thing to break the cycle of government
servicing the public as a whole. But I hear that my opinion doesn't count.